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Partners of TreeClix

Saddle brands equipped with TreeClix as standard

More and more saddle brands are discovering the benefits of the TreeClix system. It is now possible to order your new saddle including the TreeClix system from a number of manufacturers. With this system, your saddle fitter is able to adjust your new precious saddle up to two tree sizes. This allows the saddle to constantly develop with the condition and musculature of your horse.

On this page you will find saddle brands that can provide your new saddle with the TreeClix system as standard.


A commitment to craftsmanship, reliability and quality. Bridges the gap between saddle fitters and manufacturers.

Frank Baines

A combination of centuries-old craftsmanship with luxurious materials and innovation.

Harry Dabbs

Aimed at the optimal rider profile and a comfortable, flexible and freely moving horse.


With more than 20 years of experience, traditional techniques are combined with innovative processes.

Schutte Saddles

Saddles with a Dutch design and English quality that are manufactured with artisanal precision.


Designed with more than 130 years of experience where the comfort and well-being of the horse prevails.