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Experiences with TreeClix?

What does TreeClix mean for saddlefitters? Find out here.


In my work as a saddle fitter, I use TreeClix on a daily basis. With the TreeClix system, I can accurately measure and adjust saddles when horses experience physical changes due to training, for example.

Sander Gepkens

Saddle fitter De Zadelfitservice


TreeClix is the invention for saddlefitters, horses and riders! The system is very easy to install on a saddle tree and adjusting afterward is even easier. Because you can adjust the tree width very precisely, you can adjust a saddle to best suit the horse. I myself have already seen very nice differences in both movement, and muscling of the horses, where TreeClix has been instilled in the saddle.

Celine van Waes

Saddlefitter - Equisense Zadelservice


I have had very good experiences with the TreeClix system, because you can adjust saddles much more easily and optimize biomechanics for a better training!

Veronique Swagemakers

Grand Prix amazone and veterinarian


Hi all! Today I wanted to share with you my experience with TreeClix, an innovative system that allows endless adjustments to saddles with a wooden tree. I’ve been using TreeClix for a while and I couldn’t be happier with the results. TreeClix has been a game-changer in my profession. The ease with which you can adjust the saddle to suit different horses with just a few simple clicks is incredible.

Odette Welles

Saddle fitter Zadelbalans