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How does TreeClix work?

Spot on fitting, every time

With TreeClix you’ll be able to endlessly alter the fit of a wooden tree, up to 2 widths. No more risking broken rivets or headplates due to forcing a tree in- and outwards. It allows you to make the saddle fit perfectly to the current condition of your customers horse in just one clic!

It is up to the saddlefitter to make the saddle change with the condition of the horse and ensure a proper fit. TreeClix simplifies this for you, as the job of a saddlefitter can be challenging enough as it is!

Kelly de Geus

"What a bizarre difference it made to the horse's body use after adjusting the saddle with the help of Treeclix."


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Shanna Baars

"Thanks in part to the Treeclix system and of course the super service from Jolanda vd Leeden, I was able to solve an incredibly difficult problem with my mare."


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TreeClix in pictures

Base of TreeClix

Wedge fitted to base

Alterations by 5mm

Forcing the tree vs. TreeClix

The biggest frustration of working with wooden trees, is that the fit can’t be altered instantly without creating another problem.

Pressing the tree outwards

Putting the tree in a saddle press to be widened, can cause unsymmetry of the tree points, which will make the saddle slip off to one side.

Pressing the tree outwards will also put extreme pressure on the rivets which will lead to broken rivets, broken head- or gullet plates and in the end; a broken tree.

Pressing the tree inwards

Pressing the tree inwards (narrower), will have the same downsides as outwards. If a tree is narrowed by pressing it inwards, the entire head will be narrowed, which will cause a lack of space in the head of the tree in many cases. Another big downside is that the result will not be stable. as the tree will run out within a short period of time, due to the outward forces it’s facing, as the tree will run out within a short period of time, due to the outward forces it’s facing.

In other words: never narrow a wooden tree in the press.

TreeClix is ​​available in 7 different wedges so that the tree can be adjusted in steps from 5 mm to 3.5 cm.

Wedges in seven different sizes

Click system

Stop messing around with flock

Trying to get a saddle to fit by adding flock when the fit of the tree isn’t correct, will do more harm then good.
Making sure the width of the tree is correct, will make your fitting session so much easier.

When flock is added in front to restore balance and stability, due to a fit that is ever so slightly too wide for the horse’s current condition, you can wait for the customer to phone you shortly, as flock won’t hold for that long. The second downside here is that the original function of the flock, resilience and enlarging weight baring surface, will be ruined.

With TreeClix the tree can be altered up to 2 widths, in steps of 5mm, without risking unevenness of the treepoints, damaging the tree and without tampering with the shape of the head and twist of the tree. Offering you more precision, durability and comfort all together.

TreeClix, makes fitting easy!

TreeClix schematically explained