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Harry Dabbs

For the optimal rider profile

Harry Dabbs saddles are designed to promote the optimum rider profile (a well aligned shoulder-hip-heel) and enable a comfortable, supple and free-moving horse that is soft and engaged when ridden.

A unique panel and an open head design

Their thoughtfully created range of saddles feature a unique panel and an open head design to free up the Trapezius muscle and allow full range of movement of the scapula. A spacious gullet keeps the area around the spinal processes free from pressure, for the weight to be borne effectively across the back muscles, with our performance panel shaped to keep the lumbar region free, encouraging hind quarter engagement for more powerful movement.

In order to achieve optimum fit across a wide selection of horse breeds and types, Harry Dabbs offer a variety of trees that cater to differing profiles and builds. These are all made in-house by skilled artisans, who use the highest quality laminated wood that flexes for comfort. For the rider, a choice of block, seat and flap are among the options that enable the manufacture a saddle that also compliments the rider, helping them to achieve optimum balance and comfort in the saddle for more effective aids and seat security.