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Jeffries Saddlery

Tradition combined with innovation

The beauty of a Jeffries saddle is not just skin deep, its what lies beneath that makes a Jeffries saddle so special. Renowned for high-quality craftsmanship, many of Jeffries’ saddle makers have over 20 years’ experience in saddle manufacture. Traditional techniques that have been handed down across generations, are combined with innovative processes in order to create products that are designed to perform and to enhance equestrian performance in competition, training or when riding for pleasure.

Trees of their own quality

At the heart of every Jeffries saddle, is a carefully crafted, laminated spring tree. In-house tree manufacture ensures only the highest quality trees are used. Jeffries saddles use the finest quality leather and are meticulously finished for ultimate aesthetic, durability and safety. Pure wool flocking is added for its shock absorbing properties, its durability, resilience and, being 100% natural, its renewability.