Riders wanted

Are you looking for a unique learning experience? Then grab your chance now to participate in the TreeClix Masterclass with none other than Kelly de Geus! 

Kelly is a dedicated horse trainer and coach from the Netherlands who has been fascinated by horses for as long as she can remember. Having hand-trained more than 1,000 horses, Kelly now focuses primarily on sharing the knowledge she gained in the process to help more people (and in turn more horses) feel better, improve their posture and optimize their performance.

Monday, November 27 the focus will be on the biomechanics of the horse; both in hand and under the saddle. How do we recognize and train a correctly moving horse? Kelly and Jolanda van der Leeden from TreeClix will spend the day searching for the correct saddle adjustment to maintain these proper movements under the rider.

On Tuesday, November 28, we will get to work troubleshooting TreeClix to apply it to different combinations; a real “hands-on” day for saddle fitters, but also a very valuable day for riders.

– You have a saddle without an interchangeable head iron and you are okay with us installing TreeClix on your saddle during the Masterclass; 
– Your horse is well behaved, relaxed and good to ride on strange terrain;
– Your horse is healthy; 
– Your saddle has always been neatly maintained by a knowledgeable saddle fitter; 
– You are satisfied with your current saddle (and saddle fitter); 
– You ride at least L2 level (training level)

More information and registration details will follow after registration. Stay tuned!