Experiences with TreeClix?

What does TreeClix mean for horses and riders? Find out here.


I recently saw Jolanda at work with the Treeclix system. What a bizarre difference it made on the horse’s body use after adjusting the saddle using Treeclix. Indispensable in any saddle to maintain constant customization. We train with the goal of developing our horse (and thus changing his body), then the saddle should be able to change with it, right?

Kelly de Geus


Because of the changes in my young horses, the TreeClix system is incredibly valuable. This way it is much easier to make adjustments that follow the condition of my horses.

Wendy Plomp - Dressage Rider and breeder


Thanks in part to the Treeclix system and of course the super service of Jolanda vd Leeden, I was able to fix an incredibly difficult problem with my mare which has resulted in the pleasure of getting back for not only my mare but also for me!

Shanna Baars - YR Dressage Rider


Treeclix has ensured that my saddle can always give what my horse needs at the time. In summer, in winter, in top form and during injuries. He developed so positively all over the upper line because he was given the space he needed in every situation. From little fussy chicken to tough bodybuilder along with Jolanda and Treeclix! 💪🏻

Quillemette Kraaikamp - U25 Dressage Rider


A very satisfied customer!!!
Over 2 years ago I bought my 3-year-old mare. At that time still really a puppy (scale) and just saddled. I didn’t want to have to buy a new saddle every year because it wouldn’t fit anymore and so I ended up with Treeclix. How incredibly happy I am that I chose this!!! My mare is developing nicely and with the Treeclix system you adjust that every time. Because of youth, I had my saddle checked 4 times a year. Each time an adjustment was necessary, and that was no problem with Treeclix. After each checkup, you as a rider notice the difference, because your horse starts to walk better and better. This will benefit your training. Happy horse and amazone.

Mandy de Geus - Dressagerider


TreeClix is the invention for saddlefitters, horses and riders! The system is very easy to install on a saddle tree and adjusting afterward is even easier. Because you can adjust the tree width very precisely, you can adjust a saddle to best suit the horse. I myself have already seen very nice differences in both movement, and muscling of the horses, where TreeClix has been instilled in the saddle.

Celine van Waes - Saddle fitter