TreeClix on your saddle

HELP! My horse is changing..

It’s quite funny we’re still surprised this is happening, because most of us are putting a lot of effort into accomplishing this.

By training, diet, age, injuries (and so on), horses can change condition rapidly. And still we are shocked when the saddle fitter tells us the saddle doesn’t fit as well as it used to or, even worse, it can’t be altered to get the right fit.

And even though there are saddles on the market which are width adjustable, this is restricted to the brands and models with a plastic tree, with limitations in variation and fit.
The TreeClix system makes it possible to endlessly alter the width of a wooden saddle tree, so bring on the change!

Ask your saddle specialist!

TreeClix can be ordered as an option for a number of saddle brands when measuring a new saddle. Currently these are:

Existing saddles

TreeClix is ​​also extremely suitable to be installed in existing saddles, also from other brands. Are you curious if it is possible on your saddle? Ask your saddle specialist or check ‘Contact’ to see if there is a saddle specialist in your area.