What is TreeClix?

The importance of the right width of the tree

Prevent discomfort, soreness, lameness and unwanted behaviour of your horse...

due to the wrong saddlewidth. TreeClix offers easy alteration of the width by only one clic, restoring balance, freedom of movement and correct saddle pressure.

Altering flock won’t do the trick sufficiently in most cases and adjusting the tree itself comes with high risks of damage and breakage. If not instantly, it will in the (nearby) future. Leaving you with huge expenses and/or buying a new saddle as the only option.

Mandy de Geus

"My mare is developing nicely and with the Treeclix system you can adjust this properly every time."


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Shanna Baars

"Thanks in part to the Treeclix system and of course the super service from Jolanda vd Leeden, I was able to solve an incredibly difficult problem with my mare."


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Use of a saddlepad

The (temporary) use of a saddlepad can help the horse out in some cases, but also this has it’s downsides. Pads don’t provide the stability that a correct tree width does and the use of a saddlepad will narrow the space in the gullet most of the times. The use of a saddlepad should be as temporary as possible, as it doesn’t take away the peak pressure of the affected area, it will only relieve it somewhat.

Also, using a pad will place the rider further away from the horse’s back, which isn’t what we want, regarding stability and contact between horse and rider.

The right fit with TreeClix

With the TreeClix system, your saddlefitter will be able to provide you and your horse with the right fit, balance and closeness to your horse, no matter the conditions.

As it’s not uncommon for the horse to gain and loose weight throughout the year, have your saddle checked at least twice a year and more often if necessary!