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TreeClix and Kelly de Geus organize a Masterclass on biomechanics for saddle specialists.


On November 27 and 28, 2023, TreeClix is organizing a two-day Masterclass for saddle specialists, in collaboration with Kelly de Geus. At De Basculle in Lage Zwaluwe, a limited number of saddle fitters will get the opportunity to learn more about working horses in hand and the correct adjustment and fit of saddles.

Monday, November 27 the focus will be on the biomechanics of the horse; both in hand and under the saddle. Kelly de Geus, known for her beautiful work with horses in hand, will provide more insight on this day about what proper body use is. How do we recognize and train a correctly moving horse? Kelly and Jolanda van der Leeden from TreeClix will spend the day searching for the correct saddle adjustment to maintain these proper movements under the rider.

On Tuesday, November 28, we will work on applying TreeClix in a problem-solving manner for different combinations; a real ‘hands-on’ day for saddle fitters!
How does the horse move, what challenges does this combination face, and what effect/solution does the correct adjustment of the tree size bring? How do you determine the right tree size for the specific horse, and what else should we take into account? We will roll up our sleeves and the brains will be put to work!

De Bascule
Gaete 7
4926 RN Lage Zwaluwe

Monday November 27, 2023
9.30h- 17.00h
Tuesday 28 november 2023
9.30h- 17.00h

1 day €250
2 days €350

Included: A delicious lunch, coffee, tea and plenty of snacks.

For members of the Dutch society VZTD: For every day attending you will receive 15 CPD points, so 30 points in total by attending both days.

You can register using the form below
Please note: Due to the interactive format of day 2, there are only very limited spots available on this day